Chair's Message

Dear Members of the Connecticut ASIS Chapter,

As many of you know, we installed our 2021 Board members in December of 2020. I am honored to serve as the Chapter Chair and very excited to be working with my fellow board members:

Chapter Chair: Noel Turner ([email protected])

Co-Vice Chair: Mark Landini ([email protected])

Co-Vice Chair: Jonathan Perillo ([email protected])

Treasurer: Michael Parks ([email protected])

Secretary: Roger Hicks ([email protected])


Our goal for 2021 is to expand on the success from 2020, and to further engage our members through committees and sponsor engagement. We have learned a lot about the resiliency of our membership from the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been able to expand our offerings, and include speakers covering topics that may have been difficult to host in the past. While we have adjusted to the times, we are also looking to the future. As we look to host in-person meetings again, we are eager to hold networking events. We have gained many members and prospective members over the past couple of years. We are looking forward to reconnecting with all of our membership, and continuing to grow and offer value to our members.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you to all who serve and protect our Connecticut community. We have a strong organization and I look forward to seeing you in 2021!    


Best Regards,
Noel B. Turner
Connecticut ASIS 2021 Chapter Chair